IAC is dedicated to providing down-to-earth recommendations regarding
wireless solutions and their support systems for our clients.  IAC primarily
provides two types of consulting services
First Responder and Vendor

The First Responder Service includes primarly assisting public safety clients
with their first adventure into wireless data or assisting clients that are
looking to enhance or replace their existing Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
and/or Records Management Solutuions (RMS).  IAC has the ability to
speak both geek-speak as well as translate the sometimes confusing
jargon related to these systems.  To learn more about these services
please see the
First Responder Services page.

The Vendor Service includes evaluating applications and hardware as well
as providing constructive feedback on documents before they have been
submitted for evaluation by the client.  To learn more about these services
please see the
Vendor Services page.
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