Vendor Services
Overview Of
Vendor Services
IAC has developed a set of services to assist wireless solution providers in
important factor to consider that while IAC continues to be educated on
and utilize industry best practices the services offered and results received
are customized to your needs.

These services include:

  • Product Evaluation
  • Marketing  / Bid / Proposal Pre-Response Review

For any of these services the typical process is to first ensure that there is
not a conflict of interest for either party with existing clients.  Once that
has been confirmed a non-disclosure would typically be developed to
ensure that both parties can communicate openly and candidly.
IAC can provide constructive feedback in a variety of areas including user interface, application
configuration, and hardware products for the wireless data market.  IAC brings a perspective that cannot
be duplicated by hiring an individual from the first responder community.  This is because many of them
only work with one or two agencies over the course of their career, whereas IAC has experience in many
states and with many clients.
Product Evaluation:
Integration Assistance Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 7065 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7065 Voice: (626) 497-2015
Marketing / Bid / Proposal Pre-Response Review:
IAC has participated in numerous reviews of documents submitted to a client that could have benefited
rom a review to ensure the intended message was being effectively communicated.