About IAC
IAC is headquartered in Southern California and serves clients throughout
the United States.

David J. Feeney II is the Principal Consultant at IAC.  He has been working
with leaders in the wireless data industry since the late 1980's. Mr. Feeney
has worked with dozens of public safety and utility agencies across the
Country and implemented solutions from a variety of vendors.

One of the greatest complements I have gotten from a client was "... this is
the first report I have received from a consultant where I could not find
references to other clients in it."  In other words IAC strives to ensure that
both the services and the products you receive are truly customized to
your needs.
"The" Hired Technical Gun you have been
looking for...
Integration Assistance Consulting, Inc. P.O. Box 7065 Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7065 Voice: (626) 497-2015
Professional Associations:

APCO - Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials, International since 2001

CPRA - California Public-Safety Radio Association since 2001

IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. Since 2008

RCA - Radio Club of America since 2005

FCC - Federal Communications Commission Licensed Amateur Radio Operator (KG6MHV Technician Class)
         since July 17, 2002 (Participated in
Gorden West Radio School licensing Class)

NLU - National-Lewis University - Graduated 1999  - Bachelor of Science in Management

Hamilton Technical College - Graduated in 1988 - Associate Degree in Electronic Engineering Technology